Booking procedures – advice from the experts

There are so many different directions that owners can go when implementing booking procedures for their holiday home. A prime concern is ensuring the protection of the property, whilst easing renters through the process.

Property management specialist, Charlotte Hanson of Passion 4 Property on the Costa del Sol, provides some sound advice about booking procedures; how to protect yourself and your renters.

Booking agreements – deposits, refunds and cancellations
She says, “You should always provide your customers with a formal booking agreement – not only are you entrusting them with your property during their stay, but they are relying on you to provide them with their perfect holiday.

In most cases, you won’t know them and vice versa so make documentation as professional as possible so that they feel comfortable paying their hard earned money to you. Also you will feel comfortable that responsible and trustworthy people are using your home away from home.

Take a 25% non refundable deposit upon confirmation, with the balance payable six weeks before their holiday starts. Perhaps use a sliding scale for reimbursement should your customers have to cancel their trip prior to departure e.g. full deposit refund three months prior to holiday date, 50% deposit returned if cancellation is down to two months and zero returned with six weeks to go. What ever you decide, make sure it is clear in your documentation.

Breakages bond
Also, I recommend that you take a breakages bond should anything get broken in the property. The odd glass or plate is always going to get broken so reserve use of this for larger items of value. Accidents happen! Ask your property management company if they can provide this service or alternatively take the bond with the balance payment and arrange to refund it to your clients 14 days after they have left the apartment in perfect condition.

If you provide written details of this bond in your documentation, your customers will be happy to entrust the monies to you… perhaps an amount equivalent to around 300 euro.”

Charlotte’s advice is simple to implement and goes along way in ensuring your piece of mind. You’ll also be more organised and professional, which will boost your creditability with potential renters.

More tips form Charlotte on handling guests will be added to the Blog over the coming weeks – keep an eye out for her posts.

Charlotte runs a highly successful property management company in Costa del Sol, Spain. With over eight years experience in real estate, Passion 4 Property are able to offer owners a full management service.

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