Behind the scenes at

The complimentary listing site for Members was launched late last year and is already attracting thousands of visitors to browse Member websites each month. But how familiar are you with and what it has to offer you and your potential renters?

The website launched in November 2007 as an infant listing site with no history. In the early days it was an advanced search facility, a handful of rental properties and a few information pages. Six months on it has a global Membership, thousands of people around the world using the search facility to find holiday homes each month and over 400 live pages of content.

The aim was always to make more than a simple listing site. To gain the confidence of browsers and successfully integrate into Search Engine ‘good website’ files, a website has to be so much more nowadays. offers an excellent source of travel guides and travel information so that potential renters can visit and not only book a holiday home but can also glean helpful tourist information to make planning their holiday even simpler.

Look at these country guides for Bulgaria villas and Canada vacation rentals to see how they can help you and your renters be more informed.

This original content also helps confirm to the Search Engines that has relevant, interesting information for their customers and is now starting to attract visitors via the likes of Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Developing is top priority and in the next 12 months it will compete with some of today’s champion listing sites.

Travel Guides
Did you know that each and every article that appears on is completely original and is written in-house by its very own travel writers? Each time a new country is added to the list of choices the editorial team is hard at work writing new articles so that it can build a brand new travel guide for that country.

Why not visit your destination country and get familiar with the articles provided. Perhaps consider linking to your destination country/region page on from your Local Info page? This is an easy way to provide your website readers with even more useful info. For example, if you own a rental property in Costa Blanca, you can link from your website’s Local Info page to VillasPeople’s Costa Blanca info page and just like that you have provided your potential renters with excellent information at no cost and little effort for you.

Attracting traffic

In order to generate more traffic each month enlisted the help of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team at Using the same techniques advised to Members – regular updates to content, tweaking Meta information and the generation of more and more inbound links – is now starting to see that work attract more visitors from the Search Engines.

As you may have read on the Blog, acquired a Google PageRank of 4/10 earlier this month and in only six months that is quite a feat. All of this is great news for you too. More traffic for them means more for you!

Information on Car hire, insurance, flights and more!
Looking for advice on finding the right car hire company in Lyon or maybe searching for a cheap flight to Malaga for a sunny Costa del Sol holiday? provides travel information, helpful advice and tips, including relevant links to make the search all the easier.

Visit, peruse the website and become familiar with it… in months to come it will be a strong contender with the likes of Holiday Lettings, Owners Direct, Holiday-Rentals et al.

You heard it here first.

1 Response to “Behind the scenes at”

  1. 1 John D July 3, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    It sounds like you expect the Villas People website to go from strength to strength… and if you can attract people interested in villas in the Aquitane area of France from Google and Yahoo then that could be beneficial to me.

    If I was to link from the Local Info page of my website to the Aquitaine pages of Villas People would that help me get more visitors interested in Aquitaine from Google and Yahoo ?

    Is it something to do with linking to other like-minded websites that makes me more attractive to Google?

    A useful article, can anyone help !
    John D

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