Wifi: to have or not to have?

In this, the age of the internet, is it a deal breaker not to offer Wifi? Let’s examine some common Wifi-phobias and find out why for some travellers if they can’t log in the holiday home owner loses out!

First, let’s check out why people don’t have it Wifi and don’t want it

  • Lack of demand: Perhaps you have never had an enquiry that asked you if you offer Wifi. Maybe you have only had a couple potential renters asking for it and felt that did not justify getting it installed. What of the people that never enquired simply because you didn’t offer Wifi?
  • Lack of knowledge: Lots of people don’t know what is available to them. Telecoms in foreign countries can be confusing and even scary if you don’t know the local language. Contact your property management company and let them act as your intermediary to the telecom companies.
  • Expense: The expense of installing wireless will vary depending on region, country, offering companies and even the type of accommodation you own. One of the main things to consider is of course the cost to benefit ratio. Is it worth it?
  • What’s Available?: For remote villas, chalets etc, wireless may not even be an option. Some people object because they don’t want to install a phone line. Wifi doesn’t always require a phone line. Subject to area, internet can be available through cable and even radio waves!

All those in favour…

  • The truth is: Demand is increasing for holiday homes with wireless broadband
  • Check out your competition. Would installing Wifi give you the edge?
  • Today more people than ever are self-employed because of the internet, thus they must have easy access even on holiday.
  • Having Wifi helps holiday makers. They can check beach and ski conditions, find nearby tours, make local dinner reservations, get directions, check return flights and find local attractions.

If you do get Wifi, consider this:

  • Leave simple instructions: How to use the wireless service, including what the name of the wireless network is. More often than not, modern computers are available with wireless built in and the computer will identify the wireless network making connection a snap. Even still, you will want to provide simple step by step instructions.
  • Leave the password: If you have a Secured network, a network with a password, leave the password somewhere accessible and tell your renters where it is. You can tell them in their rental confirmation email and in the guest information pack. Perhaps write it on the wireless router?
  • Supply an Ethernet cable: Keep a spare Ethernet cable at your holiday home just in case someone cannot connect wirelessly. An Ethernet cable will connect your router to the renter’s computer enabling an internet connection.
  • Supply a computer: Some people leave their old computer for guests to use. Just keep in mind that it could malfunction leaving you with something else to fix. Most people that want or need the internet on holiday will have brought their own laptop.

A final thought
For all of you that are Members of IndependentOwners.com, managing your own properties and enquiries, you already know that the internet is vital to market yourself, take enquiries, accept payments and refund deposits. How would you do all of this if you were on holiday and did not have access to the internet?

1 Response to “Wifi: to have or not to have?”

  1. 1 Gemma Phifer July 3, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Thats a good idea to have one. I lost a couple of potential renters last week because they were demanding internet and i didnt have it… I am definitely going to ask my sisters husband to help me with it. By the way, anyone knows how much it can cost? Our holiday apartment is in Mijas on the Costa del Sol just by Fuengirola.

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