Adding a video to your IO website

With the all new version of you can now include a video widget on the new website templates to give your villa website visitors a virtual tour of your holiday rental property!   Find out how to make this very positive addition to your website in just a few easy steps.

For starters, your video must be hosted by YouTube (meaning it is stored on YouTube, not your website) and we will then show you how to have it appear on your website (resembling a TV screen).  People visiting your website can click on that TV screen to watch it.

YouTube Account
The first thing to do is to create an account with YouTube, the web’s leading home and professional video website. Go to and click on ‘Create Account’ (top right) then fill in the information on the ‘Get started with your account’ page.

Enter your Google login information on the next page.  If you don’t have any login details for Google then you’ll be asked to create one. Again that is very simple and they take you through four simple steps to acheive this.

Once you have created your YouTube account click the yellow ‘Upload’ button (top right) and on the next page choose ‘Upload Video’. Choose the video’s location from your computer’s files and wait for the upload to complete.

When the video has uploaded, click on ‘Play’ and copy the URL that appears to the right of the video in the ‘URL’ field. You’ll need this to embed the video in your website.

Video Widget
In your Central Management Area (CMA, where you edit and update your website) for your website go to your new Widget Library and upload the video by clicking the ‘Add Video’ box. Insert the URL that you copied from YouTube where indicated and give the video a title.  Once you have created your video widget, click and drag it across to the page you want to show it on.  Simple!

1 Response to “Adding a video to your IO website”

  1. 1 Johan & Fatiha September 26, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Superb opportunity to market your property in a fantastic way!
    I have long been awaiting this, but now the video-widget has finally come….and how!

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