Go take a look at the new IO!

If you haven’t yet then do login to your new Central Management Area and discover the new features that IO 3.0 brings you. A Progress Dashboard, the first wave of new website templates, revamped help guides, access to widgets and, amongst other advancements, a new navigation format for managing everything about your IndependentOwners.com website.

Below we detail some of the new features and highlight a couple of points you should know when using them.

Your IO Login Manager
Delighted members everywhere are loving the new login option – it has been extremely well received. If you have yet to install yours please click here. Once downloaded, the IO Login Manager icon will appear in the ‘system tray’ of your computer. Your system tray is located at the very bottom right of your screen and the IO Login Manager icon sits just to the left of your clock in the system tray.  If you cannot see the IO Login Manager then please check for any symbols in your system tray that expand your view to show hidden icons, such as an arrow or a plus sign.

A new look CMA
Revamped and restyled your CMA has been laid out so that you can manage your website with even more ease than ever before. Supported by more information and helpful step-by-step guides you should be able to create an amazing website by simply following the advice on hand. Your Progress Dashboard is an indicator on how well you are performing in building and managing your website – more about that later.

The ‘Away from my PC’ option
If you are taking a trip away from your computer and still need access to your CMA you can activate an ‘Away from my PC’ option which will allow you access for up to 30 days without using your IO Login Manager or IO Toolbar. Go to My Profile in your CMA and tick the ‘Away from my PC’ box and for the next thirty days you can login from any PC via the Login link found on the IndependentOwners.com website.

New IO 3.0 templates
A huge leap from the old style templates the IO 3.0 designs are fresh, modern and allow you to embrace the popular functionalities of widgets, videos and RSS feeds. From your CMA Home page you can preview your website in a new style template without affecting your live website. When you come to switch permanently to an IO 3.0 template then some editing is required of titles, introductions, widgets and images to ensure you get the best from the new layout.

Dozens more template designs are in the pipeline and they will be added in the coming weeks. Remember that you can switch between templates to see which is the best for your property.

Widgets, gadgets, videos and RSS feeds
These terms may sound daunting to some of you but they really are not as bad as you may think. When using the new templates you can now include information gadgets that enhance the experience of the browser; a YouTube video can be embedded into your website for watching at the leisure of the viewer and you can take a running live feed from any news/travel source that displays the orange RSS feed icon and have it appear on your website. All these can be managed from your Widget Library and in preview stage you can experiment with what appears where and what it looks like.

Progress Dashboard
We will reward all owners who become an IO Web Master with a fantastic marketing package that will enhance the promotion of your website and attract more enquiries. Your IO Progress Bar shows you where you are in achieving that goal.

The most successful of IO Members use all the tools available to them to ensure that they have a professional, attractive, informative and marketable website. It is no coincidence that IO Members with a comprehensive website attract more enquiries!  Your IO Progress Bar takes into account the content of your website – pages live with content, use of sub-titles, images, availability calendar and widgets. It also recognises your information gathering by monitoring the use of our Help Guides. It will note if you are listed with VillasPeople.com and if you have used the Dear Editor opportunity. The more Optimized your website the more the bar will move. If you have your website translated into a second language and have access to your My Website Stats these will also move you towards an IO Web Master.

Once you have become an IO Web Master we will reward you with a special marketing package to help you promote your website to potential renters. We will add your details to over fifteen dedicated holiday rental property listing sites and directories free of charge. On achieving IO Web Master we will ask you to complete a marketing information form and inform you of the listing sites on which you will appear. The work will be carried out by us and on completion you will be given the access/login details of each advertisement so that you can manage the listing going forward.

5 Responses to “Go take a look at the new IO!”

  1. 1 Gerry September 26, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Whatever you’ve done I can’t get in, it is a circular process, won;t let you get into CMA even with new toolbar download!

    • 2 iowners September 29, 2009 at 12:03 pm

      Hi Gerry

      Oops are you caught in a loop? From what you say it seems like you need to activate your IO Toolbar.

      Please click on the spanner icon far left of the IO Toolbar and enter your login details to make the Toolbar interactive. Restart your browser and this should then allow you into your CMA when clicking the key icon.

      If you still experience issues please contact customer service and they will be able to help you further.

      IndependentOwners.com Support Team

  2. 4 Annette November 26, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    If you are going to phase out classic templates can you please offer existing background colour schemes as well as the new.

    Ours is so perfect for the environment of our Gites and has become recognized as part of our branding. We get countless praises for our website not least because of you.

    I will look forward to the RSS Feed and Video widgets which will make a huge difference, but don’t want to drastically lose the overall colour (graduated) theme. I would think it fairly easy to take the basic background jpg image and re-use it.

    Also with the new themes etc will our own website name still be only a forwarder to http://www.lelzet.iowners.net.

    Jeaves Ropero
    L’Elzet Gites

  1. 1 IO 3.0 Launch- upgrade, update, up your enquiries « How to Rent your Property Trackback on October 27, 2009 at 4:36 pm

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