Widget School

Widgets are one of our favourite new parts of the brand new IndependentOwners.com and we want you to feel the same way so we have created the Widget School to explain all of the ins and outs of this cool new tool. In a nutshell, a widget is an intelligent application that displays information that can be functional or fun.  In the Widget Library you have the opportunity to add, hide or display various widgets on specific pages of your website or across all of your pages. Widgets can only be used with the new website templates.

Your Widget Library, found in your Central Management’s (where you edit and update your website) left column under My Website, has already been populated with a number of widgets for you to use.  All you need to do is to choose which page you wish to edit from the drop-down and then click and drag those widgets you wish to have displayed on it from the right column to the left column.  You can also arrange the widgets in any order you wish, again by a simple click and drag.

Before changing over to the new templates you can test how they work and have a play with them.

Photos as widgets
Any photos and videos that you want to show on your website can be easily uploaded to your Widget Library and then used throughout your website.  This means you can easily include your favourite photo on your Home page and include it again in your Local Info page without needing to upload it a second time.

You can use a maximum of ten widgets on one page and thsi can only include one video widget. One little tip is to try and have the display of widgets on a page match the length of the content of the main text.  It looks so much better!

Editing your widgets
Some of your widgets may need input from you to display the correct information for your holiday region or you may want to change the title of the widget.  You can easily do this  by hovering over them in the Widget Library and clicking Edit.

We have also included a ‘Reset’ button that will take your widget settings back to the default layout it started with.  It will not affect your normal content but will remove any widgets you have added to the library and any updates you have made when dragging widgets around.  Basically it means you can start again.

Have fun.

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