Improve your SEO ranking with Bing

Last month we introduced MSN’s rebranded Bing, and now we would like to look at how your villa rental website can improve its position on Bing’s result pages so potential renters see you first and send their enquiries to you, not your competition.

Some things to keep in mind:

Anchor text: Bing is focusing more now on internal links (links that lead to other pages within your website) with relevant anchor text.  Anchor text is the word or words that you use as the hyperlink on a page.  Example:  My Villa Rental is the anchor text.  When possible, you should aim to include good keywords as the anchor text of your link.

On-page Optimization: Very simply put, “on-page optimization” refers to optimizing your meta information, page titles, including a sitemap, internal linking and using good keywords in your content. (If words like Optimization, sitemaps, and meta just confused you then please learn more about how Search Engine Optimization can improve the performance of your website and get you more enquiries.)   Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts believe Bing is placing more emphasis on on-page optimization than it did while it was still MSN.  For those of you that already have My Optimization, you have probably noticed that your villa website was appearing on Yahoo! and Google, but sometimes not as frequently on MSN search results.  For those of you that do not yet have our My Optimization package, this is just another reason why you should.

Age and authority: it has been suggested that Bing place a higher weighting on website/domain age and authority than Google.  Basically the older and more established your site is, the more prominently Bing will display it.  Authority basically refers to how others view your website.  Do they like it?  Do they visit it?  Do they link to it?

Despite its critics, Bing (But It’s Not Google) is already taking a slice of the action and given time we think it could be a serious contender for which Search Engine your customers choose to find your website through.

If you haven’t already discovered, our optimization solution, My Optimization, makes light work of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process, providing you with all the help and support you need to get your website recognised and ranked by the major Search Engines…including Bing.  The £48 per year subscription is fantastic value for money and includes a dotcom domain name, submission to the major Search Engines, the creation of your Site Map plus much more and your dedicated SEO Consultant will be on hand every step of the way – click on My Optimization in your Central Management Area (CMA) to find out more.

Read more about our Search Engine Optimization package and also see how your fellow Members are doing with My Optimization.

Michael from Denia & Lee from Moraira had great results from the My Optimization package as did Jane from Almeria, one of the first to buy the My Optimization package.

1 Response to “Improve your SEO ranking with Bing”

  1. 1 Villa Klarici August 30, 2009 at 10:04 am

    We too have had good results from the Optimization package and, on checking this morning, I find that Bing is our No 1 referrer for this month.


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