Dear Editor goes to the Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fair is an annual event held on the Florida State Fair Grounds situated off Highway Interstate 4 on the outskirts of Tampa during the month of February that last for six exciting days.

We decided to make our first visit to the Florida State Fair in February 2005 whilst having our winter break at our villa at Santa Cruz Davenport.  We are pleased that we did and have visited again whenever we get the opportunity.

On our first visit it was the most marvellous Florida day with clear blue skies and bright sunshine with temperatures in the 80s.   Our first pleasant surprise was the very efficient FREE parking and the entrance fee was less than $10 with even cheaper rates for seniors and children.  Once inside we realised how big it was and that there was a lot to see.  We were amazed by the array of stalls selling everything you could think of and there were a variety of exhibits from animals to model houses that were all beautifully furnished and very tempting.

Florida State Fair

Florida State Fair

Then there were the food stalls with lots and lots with everything to encourage you to forget about the calories; something good for everyone’s taste and pocket book.

The arenas provided us with the chance to have a rest and enjoy the various animal competitions with horses, dogs, sea lions, racing pigs and even bears performing.  Visitors can also wander through the pens of cattle, goats, pigs and poultry with their proud owners always willing to chat about their animals.

Of course there is the enormous fairground which has every type of ride to satisfy with white knuckle rides for the dare devils and to entertain smaller children where lots of kiddy rides. There is an extra charge for all fairground rides.

We rounded off the day at one of the indoor show arenas where we chose to watch a superb country and western show which was also included in our entrance charge. It was top class entertainment and was just one of the many ongoing shows from wrestling to Elvis impersonators, again catering for all tastes!

We have been twice since our first visit and we have never been disappointed as it is a great day out without spending a lot of money.  If you are in Florida in February give it a try!  Visit the Florida State Fair and have fun with the locals.  They will be pleased to see you.

Thank you so much Lesley for sharing a great day out with us all!.  Please visit Lesley’s self catering villa in Orlando Florida website.

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