Choosing a dotcom domain name for your IO website

Having a dotcom domain name can be favoured by the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  We have some tips for you when you’re choosing this all important signpost to your website.

  • First, choose something that is easy for people remember. Perhaps your property’s name or perhaps a keyword phrase that is relevant to your property like “apartmentinjavea”.
  • Second, try to keep your chosen domain name as short as possible; do not exceed four words.
  • Third, please be sure that you proofread your chosen domain name to make sure it reads the way you want it to and that there are no spelling mistakes.

Another tip we have for you is that you can use dashes in your domain name.  For example, you might want to use ‘myholidayvilla’ as the domain name, but it is taken already.  Instead you can opt for ‘my-holiday-villa’.

These tips are useful even if you do not have a dotcom domain which is part of the My Optimization solution.  If you are interested in having your own dotcom domain name please visit the Optimization section of your Central Management Area.

Hope this helps and happy choosing!

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