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Holiday home payment methods | Accepting credit cards

To successfully rent a holiday home time and time again, it is absolutely critical to build trust into your dealings with renters. So when taking credit card payments, what are the best ways to make sure both parties are getting what they want; peace of mind?

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Link to your Booking Form and Terms from your villa rental website

You can use your Central Management Area (CMA, where you edit your website) to store all the paperwork you use for your villa rental business, meaning you can access them from any PC anywhere in the world at any time!  You can also add a link on your villa website direct to any of these documents, like your Booking Form and Terms & Conditions so visitors can download them straight from your holiday rental website.

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Online booking service

Always looking to enhance our offering we continue to investigate opportunities in the marketplace.  Something we are intermittently asked is “do we offer an online payment and booking service?”  Recently we have been approached to offer a ‘real-time booking service’ that is extremely simple to use, not too pricey and enables deposits and payments to be made online without fuss.

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Booking procedures – advice from the experts

There are so many different directions that owners can go when implementing booking procedures for their holiday home. A prime concern is ensuring the protection of the property, whilst easing renters through the process.

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