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CITS: Pamorovo Bulgaria…ski resort destination

This month’s City in the Spotlight was kindly sent in by our member Mark who owns a ski apartment in one of Bulgaria’s newest up-and-coming holiday destinations and one of Europe’s best new ski resorts, Pamporovo, Bulgaria.  Here your holiday savings will extend much farther than it would in France or Austria.

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City in the Spotlight: Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the crowning jewel of the Riviera Maya in Mexico.  This stunning little city is on the Yucatan Peninsula spilling sand into the beautiful Caribbean Sea and looking out over the island of Cozumel.

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City in the Spotlight: Bordeaux & Chateau Margaux

Bordeaux is home to the world’s greatest concentration of fine wines. Beyond wine, Bordeaux is full of beautiful people, boasts an exquisite old town and is surrounded by a countryside you might think only possible in a Constable painting.

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City in the Spotlight | Sofia tourism

Vitosha Mountain has been watching over Sofia for over 7,000 magnificent years. In the shadow of this great mountain, Sofia has evolved into a thriving modern and cosmopolitan city exuding all the traits typical to a European capital city, and some not so typical.

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City in the Spotlight: Sharm el Sheikh

Move over French Riviera, the Red Sea Riviera is getting all of the hot press lately! If Egypt’s crown is the stunning coastline known as the Red Sea Riviera, then the jewel in that crown is Sharm el Sheikh.

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