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Making a baby friendly holiday rental

Preparing your home for babies can be a fabulous selling point and could be the deciding factor between your rental and someone else’s.  With massive restrictions imposed on luggage these days, providing the essentials for little ones can be a massive selling point for mothers and fathers worldwide.

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This summer’s best and worst sun creams

Are you taking a holiday to your rental property to spend some time enjoying the sun, or are you simply looking forward to relaxing at home this summer?  No matter where you find yourself absorbing the glorious rays, watch out for sun creams that promise to protect you, but fail to deliver.

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20% off Health & Safety check for all Members

With buy-to-let property business booming across Europe, more British buyers are getting in on the trend, and yet hardly any are aware of the risks they could face. It’s estimated that over 1.5 million Brits own holiday homes abroad. However, only a fraction of them have insurance in place to protect them if a guest is injured during a visit to their property.

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