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Dear Editor in Rabat, a capital to experience

Morroco’s capital, Rabat, is this month’s Dear Editor spotlight.  Gardens, promenades, great avenues and a broad array of festivals: Rabat takes the time to live life to the full.

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Success story: The recession has brought opportunity

The Editorial Team has received an incredibly positive story in the Dear Editor mailbox.  Please read on to see how one member has covered this entire year’s mortgage on his holiday home in Tenerife in only eight weeks!

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Two Members reach Page One, Postion One 13 times!

As editor, I love reporting Member success stories on the Blog and in CaMIO. This time around, Lee and Michael’s websites are on fire! Collectively, these two Members’ websites appear over 20 times on Page One of Google and Yahoo!, with an impressive 13 Page One, Position One results!

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We reported on ‘Webmaster’ Jane’s achievement in reaching No 1 on Google two weeks ago.  Since completing her My Optimization package Jane’s website now has four positions on Google, including the top spot, as well as four positions on Yahoo! – including an outstanding three No 1 places!

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