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Choosing a dotcom domain name for your IO website

Having a dotcom domain name can be favoured by the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  We have some tips for you when you’re choosing this all important signpost to your website.

Dear Editor in Rabat, a capital to experience

Morroco’s capital, Rabat, is this month’s Dear Editor spotlight.  Gardens, promenades, great avenues and a broad array of festivals: Rabat takes the time to live life to the full.

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Take Notice of New Search Engine Bing

A brand new shiny replacement Search Engine has entered the marketplace.  One to rival Yahoo! and Google?  Maybe.  This new competitor is an improved and upgraded version of MSN (Live Search), newly branded and christened “Bing”.  

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Who’s looking at you? Know your traffic

Do you want to know who is visiting your website, how they are finding you and which of your pages are viewed the most?

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Perfect offer from Perfect Getaways is delighted to announce an exclusive offer from Perfect Getaways – one of the most progressive listing sites on the Internet.  A family run business, Perfect Getaways is dedicated to promoting a quality choice of villas, apartments and cottages throughout the world to holidaymakers.

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Keep updating… it does make a difference

It is so very important to continually review your website.  Ensure that your content is up-to-date, your availability calendar is showing the most recent information and that everything is as it should be!  Are you doing everything you can to stay up-to-date?

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A recession brings opportunity

Credit crunch, credit crunch, credit crunch.  That is all that the media seem to be focusing on.  Are things going to get as bad in 2009 as they say they are?  Okay, perhaps it will be a tough marketplace, but it isn’t all doom and gloom for holiday- home owners because there are ways to succeed during a poor economy.

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What is Google Page Index

Our Customer Service team has recently fielded a few enquiries about Google Page Index and what it means. I am happy to tell you that in a world of complicated things, Google Page Index is simple.

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Blogs: Market your holiday home – FREE!

By now most all of you know what a blog is, but have you worked out how to use it as a marketing tool for your website?  By commenting on blogs you can market your holiday home for free!

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What is SEO? The basics explained.

We have been talking about all things SEO using terms like optimization, page rank, search engine results and linking a lot lately, but have we really covered the basics of SEO yet?  Read on to discover why websites are optimized and find out what optimization is all about.

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