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Take Notice of New Search Engine Bing

A brand new shiny replacement Search Engine has entered the marketplace.  One to rival Yahoo! and Google?  Maybe.  This new competitor is an improved and upgraded version of MSN (Live Search), newly branded and christened “Bing”.  

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Reaching Google page one with realistic keywords

Our members by the dozens have been climbing higher and higher up the search engine results pages! Well done all! If you are not one of these members, you might be wondering why. Perhaps you are not choosing the right keywords for your website.

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What is a Google PageRank? How can I get one?

Last week we talked briefly about PageRank and how Google is ranking many websites. However, you may have been left wondering: What is a PageRank? How do I get one? Where can I see my PageRank? What if I don’t have a PageRank from Google?

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