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Who’s looking at you? Know your traffic

Do you want to know who is visiting your website, how they are finding you and which of your pages are viewed the most?

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Blogs: Market your holiday home – FREE!

By now most all of you know what a blog is, but have you worked out how to use it as a marketing tool for your website?  By commenting on blogs you can market your holiday home for free!

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What is SEO? The basics explained.

We have been talking about all things SEO using terms like optimization, page rank, search engine results and linking a lot lately, but have we really covered the basics of SEO yet?  Read on to discover why websites are optimized and find out what optimization is all about.

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Free holiday home advertising on Travel Library

Travel Library is a well known and respected online travel resource. For some it is a one-stop shop for all their travel related queries. For you it is free advertising on a website that generates over 62,000 unique visitors each day!

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Reaching Google page one with realistic keywords

Our members by the dozens have been climbing higher and higher up the search engine results pages! Well done all! If you are not one of these members, you might be wondering why. Perhaps you are not choosing the right keywords for your website.

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Two Members reach Page One, Postion One 13 times!

As editor, I love reporting Member success stories on the Blog and in CaMIO. This time around, Lee and Michael’s websites are on fire! Collectively, these two Members’ websites appear over 20 times on Page One of Google and Yahoo!, with an impressive 13 Page One, Position One results!

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Tips for managing your free website- Stay fresh & up-to-date

The Internet is an ever evolving entity. In this fast paced media world it is important that website owners continually change and improve their content, design and functionality. Read on to make sure you are doing the right things to stay on track!

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Looking for more rental enquiries?

Do you want to be number one on Google, Yahoo! and MSN? Do you want to increase your enquiries from French and Spanish nationals? Do you want to know where your marketing works best for you? Members of can make all these happen using the bolt-on tools we provide!

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What is a Google PageRank? How can I get one?

Last week we talked briefly about PageRank and how Google is ranking many websites. However, you may have been left wondering: What is a PageRank? How do I get one? Where can I see my PageRank? What if I don’t have a PageRank from Google?

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Google page rank – our Member successes

We have some exciting news we would like to share with you. Our Member websites are now beginning to get ranked by Google! Well done!

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