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Dear Editor in Rabat, a capital to experience

Morroco’s capital, Rabat, is this month’s Dear Editor spotlight.  Gardens, promenades, great avenues and a broad array of festivals: Rabat takes the time to live life to the full.

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Behind the scenes at

The complimentary listing site for Members was launched late last year and is already attracting thousands of visitors to browse Member websites each month. But how familiar are you with and what it has to offer you and your potential renters?

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Choosing a holiday rental listing site – Where to begin

There are thousands of holiday property listing sites on the Internet, but which one, or ones, should you use to attract those all important enquiries?

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Czech Republic: New on

Welcome to Central Europe and the home of Bohemia: Czech Republic!  In celebration of our newest country to join the community we think that a proper introduction is in order!

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